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Hershey’s Has Launched A Plant-Based Chocolate Bar For Vegans And Those With Allergies

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Hershey is a name that we all know and I would say the majority of us grab a Hershey bat from time to time, my favorite is Hershey’s Special Dark… so good!

I always feel bad for people like my mom that have limited food options, especially when it comes to chocolate treats.


But now, Hershey’s has introduced Hershey’s ‘Oat Made’ chocolate bars and things are changing for both vegans as well as those that have allergies to dairy.


If you eat a primarily plant-based diet for whatever reason, you are going to want to check these out!


There are no animal byproducts in the Hershey’s ‘Oat Made’ chocolate bars, and they come in two flavors!

  • Extra Creamy Almond and Sea Salt
  • Classic Dark

Right now the new chocolate bars have been released as a test run and are not currently available everywhere, but I am hoping that changes quickly so I can go grab my mom a Classic Dark Hershey’s Oat Made Chocolate Bar.


To validate our concepts with the Hershey’s Oat Made products, we’re currently doing real-time, in-market testing. We’re working with partners to keep a limited number of stores supplied with a limited quantity of inventory, enabling us to have Hershey’s Oat Made products out on the shelf and analyze how they perform in the real world.

Dan Mohnshine, team lead of strategic growth platforms at Hershey’s, wrote on the company website

I personally can not wait to try them and will be looking for them everywhere I go, and it looks like some Target stores are carrying them!


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