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Here’s How To Get That Unicorn Hair That Everyone Is Talking About

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Unicorn Hair. It’s the hot new hair trend that turns your hair into a sparkly wonderland of subtle shimmer and shine when the light hits it just right.

You’ve seen it all over Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Maybe you’ve WANTED to try it, but you don’t want to make the commitment.

Here’s the thing — it’s really no commitment at all. It’s super easy to transform your luscious locks into Unicorn Hair, and it’s even easier to take out.

There are about 101 different ways to get those sparkly strands in your hair, but I’m going to show you the easiest way that I have found.

Here’s how to DIY your hair into Unicorn Hair.

Now, Unicorn Hair might be the current HOT trend, but it is definitely not a new invention. Back in the day we called it Fairy Hair, but it was pretty much the same thing.

You will need to get a few things before you start to transform your hair into magical unicorn sparkles.

The EASIEST thing to do is to get one of these Tinsel Hair Kits off of Amazon. It includes just about everything you will need to add a bit of unicorn magic to your hair. AND, they are only like 15 bucks, so it really is a win-win!!


First, you want to take a few strands of tinsel. The more strands you use, the more the tinsel will sparkle through your hair.

You’re going to thread the tinsel through one of the micro link beads. The bead should be right in the middle of the tinsel when you are done.


Tie your tinsel into two knots right at the micro link bead.


Next, you want to part your hair however you normally wear it — if you are one of the cool kids, you’ll have the middle part going for you.

Now, you can use that handy little hair crochet tool that came in your tinsel kit to lift up the top little layer of your hair, and move it over to the other side. Just a little section of hair will do.

Sophie Hannah

You’ll see why in a minute.

Now, slide that micro link bead (with the tinsel attached) down onto your hair crochet tool.


Grab a few strands of your hair with the hook part of your hair crochet tool. You want to get it as close to the scalp as you can.

Now, slide that micro link bead up and over the hook, and pull your hair through.


While you hold the bead with one hand, grab your pliers in the other hand. Crimp down on the micro link bead close to the scalp, and snug enough where you can give it a little tug and it stays put.


Cut the tinsel to the length of your natural hair so it just kind of blends in.

Sophie Hannah

Voila!! You have your first piece of Unicorn Hair.

Now, you only have to do it about 100 more times — or as many as you want to make that sparkle visible in your hair. (Realistically, you’ll probably do about 6-10 sparkle strands on each side of your head.

Sophie Hannah

When you are all done, put that top layer of your hair (that you moved out of the way at the beginning) back down into place, over the sparkle strands. The micro link beads should not be visible.

Sophie Hannah

If you want to see someone actually putting the tinsel into their hair, you can go HERE.


You can see another way (it’s a bit different, but just as easy) to unicorn your hair HERE.

Sophie Hannah

Once you are ready to take out your Unicorn Hair, you simply get your pliers and squish that micro link bead the other way (opening it back up). It should slide right out of your hair!

You can totally wash and style your hair as normal. The tinsel should stay in your hair as long as you are a bit gentle.


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