Doritos Released A New Twisted Lime Flavor And I Can’t Wait To Try A Bag

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It’s funny, because I’ve only just recently tried lime flavored chips. For example, I’ve tasted Takis and Doritos Chili Limón Tortilla chips and surprisingly, I fell in love.

What’s even more funny, is that I don’t like lime, but these chips hit the spot every time I pop them into my mouth.

Speaking of which, Doritos just released another new flavorful bag of their tortilla chips and are expanding on their lime flavor. Introducing,
“twisted lime’ and yes, my mouth just watered too.


The new Doritos bag is full of color, exposing a bright neon lime green (which I’m assuming represents the lime flavor) and bright orange.


Frito-Lay has yet to announce the new flavor but grocery stores including Walmart, didn’t hesitate as the new lime flavor has already been spotted on shelves!

I’m excited to hunt these bad boys down on my next Walmart run because I’m all about that lime flavor; plus, I’ve never actually disliked any bag of Doritos chips.


If the flavor is anything similar to their rolled Chili Limón Tortilla chips, their new twisted flavor is already half way to excellent.


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