Here’s What to Do If You Have to Leave Your House Right Now

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It’s been heavily recommended that people should stay indoors right now and avoid large crowds.

It can be pretty easy during a lockdown to notice supplies and groceries running low in your household, especially when stores are as limited as they are right now.

So if you find that while you’re at home and you absolutely need to leave the house to buy more necessities, here are some important tips to keep in mind to stay safe and healthy.

1. Omit the use of your fingertips. Elbows, knuckles and/or feet, are all other body parts to use instead.

2. Pay attention to where you put your phone down. Personally, I feel like this rule is extra important because it’s not something most people are aware of. I am constantly laying my phone face down on every surface everywhere I go, and this is a tip I need to keep in mind.

3. If you have your own shopping bags, bring them. Today, everyone should be bringing their own grocery bags regardless of the virus, to help reduce plastic. Using your own shopping bag, gives you the option to disregard using the store’s plastic bags, carts or carrying baskets. This helps to reduce the number of germs you come into contact with.

4. Do not shake hands! This is the time where fist bumping and knuckle touches are perfectly professional. Trust me, I’m the first person who wants to shake your hand when I first meet you, but for right now, we need to keep social distancing in mind.

5. Washing your hands every time you get home is a must. My dad has always taught me that in general we should be washing our hands when you leave the house to avoid getting sick, now is the time to really instill this habit into your friends, children and family.

6. Pack a mini bottle of hand sanitizer or wet wipes in your purse before you leave home. From now on, it’s best to constantly sanitize your hands, purse, phone, etc.

7. Cough and sneeze into your elbows people! I cannot stress this enough. Whenever you feel the need to sneeze or cough, you should always do it into your elbow, as it can help stop the spread of any germs or viruses. Also, if you are sick at all (even if it’s just a cold) wear a mask to protect others.

7. Lastly, if it’s possible, try not to handle any cash. Cash in general is one of the dirtiest things you can touch and during the outbreak, it’s best to use your credit cards or Apple Pay.

Following these tips will keep you happier and more at peace knowing that when you do leave the house, you’re doing the best you can to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus!

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