People Are Making Faux Wood Fire Logs Out of Pool Noodles For The Holidays

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OMG I love this idea so much. Some people truly are genius.

People are making their own Faux Birch Logs or Faux Wood Fire Logs to decorate for the holidays.

Honestly, they look incredibly realistic and I love the look of them. Each one is entirely unique too!


How to Make Faux Wood Fire Logs Out of Pool Noodles

All you need is some pool noodles, brown paper wrinkled up and glue.

You then spread the paper out, glue it to the Pool Noodle and use white/black/grey paint to add the details and distress to make it look like a wood log.


Now, I’ve personally seen white pool noodles at Dollar Tree for Christmas which would be perfect for this project.

I cannot wait to make these and I hope you plan to make them too!

You can check out the full tutorial below.

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