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You Can Get Flickering Flameless Pinecone Candles To Make Your Holiday Atmosphere More Cozy

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Something about the holidays just makes me feel all warm and cozy. I want to curl up on the couch with a good book and just relax!

I found these amazing Flickering Flameless Pinecone Candles and fell in love. I can just imagine having these in my living room to make it so much more cozy!

Pottery Barn

And with these being flameless, it means you can use them for years to come! Plus no pesky fragrances to mess up the atmosphere!

Pottery Barn

These come in two different sizes, making it easy to pick and choose what will go best with your decor! I would honestly love a ton of these though!

Pottery Barn

If you want to get some of these for your home this winter season, you can grab them on the Pottery Barn website!

Pottery Barn

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