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Here Is A List Of The Famous Recipes Made On The Set Of ‘Friends’ And How To Make Them

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Why is it that every time a meal is made in a movie or on a television series, there is a sudden urge to make the exact recipe?

If you’re a loyal fan of the hit television show ‘Friends” you should know that Monica loved to cook, in fact she was head chef for consecutive seasons throughout the show which is why her food was so loved by the gang.

If at any point in time you’re mouth started to water as you watched Ms. Monica Geller cooking, you should know that there are a series of images that have recently surfaced social media that feature a handful of the tasty and famous recipes used on the show!

Courtesy of @_friends_dom._

Starting with Monica’s famous Lasagna, this savory meal serves up to at least six people with oodles of different types of cheeses and even sausage for a twist.

Courtesy of Booky

Joey’s Meatball Sub is anything but a regular hot sandwich.

You can find step by step instructions on how to make the juicy meal below.

Courtesy of Booky

Rachel’s Thanksgiving Trifle is sure to take the spotlight at next year’s Turkey dinner made with layers of creamy goodness and sweet smells, thanks to Food Network for spilling the secret recipe!

Courtesy of Booky and Food Network

Ross’s Moist Maker Sandwich is a twist on the classic Thanksgiving meal that will give you a hearty filling feel when you finish this meal considering gravy, mashed potatoes, and more Thanksgiving fixings are stuffed between two thick slices of white bread; courtesy of the geniuses over at Delish!

Courtesy of Booky and Delish

Now who can forget Phoebe’s chocolate chip cookies.

This batch of cookies tastes almost like how grandma used to make!

Courtesy of Booky

Finally, Chandler’s cranberry sauce is one of a kind and would go great on Ross’s Moist Maker Sandwich; a recipe so simple to make, it takes only minutes to throw together, courtesy of Spoon University.

Courtesy of Booky and Spoon University

Now, who’s hungry?

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