Genius Girl Scout Sells Samoas with the help of Shirtless Jason Momoa

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What does Jason Momoa and Samoa Girl Scout Cookies have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

Although, I bet they both taste amazing! HA!

Anyone that has ever sold girl scout cookies before knows how competitive it can be.

If you really want to sell those delicious cookies, you’ve got to think outside the box… outside the packaging that is!

One Genius Girl Scout sold samoas with the help of Shirtless Jason Momoa and we can’t help but want a dozen boxes!

Fifth grader Charlotte Holmberg took her marketing strategy to a whole new level by slapping a very shirtless Jason Momoa onto the iconic Samoa boxes. Rebranding them as “Momoas,” Jason Momoa smolders back at you from behind the caramel-covered coconut-dusted cookies.

While some moms are quick to comment saying:

“Expect a letter from Warner Bros. ?”


“Let a boy scout put a shirtless women on a box and see how frantic people would become!!! Double standard much?”

Other moms are quick to place their orders of the limited edition boxes. Which by the way, she sold 2,000 boxes of them!


In an email to Mashable, Girl Scouts’ national headquarters said Charlotte used the image of Jason Momoa “as an inside joke with her friends and family,” noting that she created a “limited number” to sell to those friends and family.

She has sold her supply and is no longer using the image to sell cookies,” the organization stated. “Charlotte and her troop use their cookie earnings to give back locally—including donating the money to enable Colorado girls in need to afford to become Girl Scouts, as well as collecting thousands of school supplies for students in need.

We will hand it her, brilliant marketing, we just wish we had thought of it first!

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