You Can Get Glitter Dots That Let You Paint Without Making A Mess

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Where have these Crayola Glitter Dots been my whole life? I get SO tired of cleaning glitter out of EVERYTHING. Have you ever tried to clean glitter out of carpet?!? Well Hallelujah for these no-mess Glitter Dots!

Seriously, no more glitter messes like EVER.

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What exactly is a Glitter Dot? It is a super-squishy ball of glitter that goes on easily, and most importantly, leaves NO MESS.

To clean up these magic balls of glitter, you simply use part of the ball to get up the remnants of the squishy glitter — kind of like cleaning up Play-Doh.

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I have already added them to my Amazon cart, and my daughter will definitely be getting these for Christmas. — Am I the only one who shops all year, and stows gifts away for the Holiday Season?

Knowing my daughter, she will Glitter Dot everything in her room. From her drawer handles to the remote for her TV, she’s going to want to decorate it all!

She’s already tried her hand at glitterizing All THE THINGS with regular glitter and glue. I don’t have to tell you what a mess that turned into. These Crayola Glitter Dots are pretty self-contained, so I won’t have to worry much with the cleanup process.

Each package of these Crayola Glitter Dots comes with pictures to “paint” with the glitter balls. I forsee having to buy TWO packages, because I don’t want fights between the kids over which one they get to decorate! I don’t mind, though. These will bring hours of fun, so it’s totally worth it!!

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I just might have to buy me some, too. These do look pretty fun — move over, adult coloring books! Wait — I could us my adult coloring book as a canvas for my Glitter Dots!

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I’m pretty excited about these squishy balls of creative fun! I wasn’t sure what they were, or how they worked at first. The more I’ve researched them, the more awesome they are!

I’m going to confidently say that you need these in your life. They are recommended for children over 5 years old.

Have fun, and get your glitter on!

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