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‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Is Back In The Spotlight With A Single Called ‘Ma Hair’ And You Have To Hear It!

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Y’all… I’m just going to assume that you remember who Tessica Brown is, if not we have plenty of posts about her and the ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ situation.

Tessica Brown

Earlier this year Tessica Brown was pretty much international news and entertainment.

Tessica Brown

It was a whole ride full of craziness, drama, almost like a Netflix binge of something that couldn’t possibly be real life… but it was real life.

There were times that I laughed, times that I felt sorry for her, but most of the time I was like “WTF?”.

She used Gorilla Glue to secure her hair when she had run out of her regular hair product… GORILLA GLUE Y’ALL!

Tessica Brown

So began the story of ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’, she eventually faded out of the spotlight but now she is back and this time she is trying to launch her music career.

She just released her first single and I had to laugh when I saw the title… “Ma Hair” and it’s on all of the music streaming platforms as of November 19th, 2021.

I believe this is her first go at a rap career… I’m not quite sure how it will go.

The song includes audio bits from her viral TikTok video.

Here is a small taste of some of the lyrics.

My hair, it don’t move/

Almost went in a panic, when I went out and got it/

Had a problem, had to use Gorilla Glue just to solve it/

I went from silky to solid/

Tried to was it with everything I could think of.

Tessica Brown – “Ma Hair”

You can listen to “Ma Hair” here and you can also see Tessica dancing to her newly released song here.

Let me know what you think… the Twitter reactions are both good and bad, eek!

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