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Here We Go Again. People Are Hoarding Toilet Paper And Water And We Need To Just Stop The Insanity!

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Apparently there is ANOTHER run on paper products and water.

I don’t mean “paper products” like notebook paper. I mean that people are freaking out and hoard-buying toilet paper and paper towels.

People. Did we not learn anything from the great toilet paper fiasco of 2020?

Last time this happened, it was MONTHS before manufacturers could keep up with demand. There were people who were stuck buying bidets and cloth toilet paper, for crying out loud, just so they could wipe their butts!

Let’s just take a step back, look at this rationally, and breathe a second.

If we all buy only what we need — what we usually buy — the stores aren’t going to run out. If people stuff their shopping baskets with months worth of toilet paper and paper towels, we are going to have a problem on our hands.

I was at Costco when it opened this morning. I only needed 1 case of water, 1 pack of toilet paper, and 1 pack of paper towels.

The crowds gathered around the paper products reminded me of Tickle Me Elmo at Christmas in the late 90s!

People were throwing that sh** in their baskets, cutting in front of people, and just not being too nice about it.

I waited for the crowds to disperse, and guess what — there was still PLENTY of toilet paper to be had. There was no need for that insanity the minute the store opened their doors.

Yes, the water was picked over, but I’m betting they had more stashed somewhere, like Costco does. And, guess what, if all else fails, I hear there is a little faucet in your kitchen where water pours whenever you need it!

The situation has gotten so bad, Costco has gone back to limiting the number of toilet paper, paper towels, and water you can get in one trip. It’s like 2020 all over again. *Eye Roll*

Why??? People are freaking out over this Delta Variant of the coronavirus. Guess what, people. Mountains of toilet paper sitting at your house isn’t going to stop the Delta Variant from existing.

We aren’t even headed for a lockdown, but people are afraid that it’s going to happen.

Fear buying. That’s all that’s happening, and these people are going to ruin life for everyone.

Manufacturers of toilet tissue say they are responding to the latest increase in demand. Kimberly-Clark, which makes Cottonelle and Scott toilet tissue, and Kleenex, “is monitoring the situation closely, and working hard to produce more toilet paper and other essential paper products to best meet consumer needs,” the company said in a statement to USA TODAY.


I get it if you have a family of, like, 10. But, a family of 4 can exist a whole month — maybe more — on 1 package of toilet paper from Costco. There are dang near 30 rolls in each pack! There is no need to bring your cousin and your grandma, so they can buy a pack too.

Let’s just breathe in the peace, and breathe out the insanity. It’s going to be okay.

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