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You Can Hire A Creepy Clown To Deliver Doughnuts And It’s Wickedly Amazing

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It’s October. So you probably need to have your guard up for the creepy things…like clowns…

So what better than to have a creepy clown doughnut delivery service this month? How wickedly hilarious is this?

Hurts Donuts, who has over 20 locations, is offering creepy clown donut delivery services for this month, and I am ALL for it. I am not scared of clowns myself, but I can only imagine others reactions!

Hurts Donuts

This itself is hilarious, but this is a norm for their company. They’ve done shirtless men cupid deliveries before. And if you haven’t seen them present their doughnut options online, you are MISSING out!

Remaking 80s photos for fun has been a trend for awhile, but they have taken this to an entirely new level. I think this may be my new favorite business! If you want to see if you can hire their creepy clowns, check out their website here!

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