There Is A Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses Competition Premiering That I Desperately Want To Be A Part Of

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I’m already a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I want to live in their world. I want to live the life!

So you can only guess how excited I am to find out there’s a real life Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses that challenges people from different Hogwarts houses to answer Harry Potter trivia questions!!!

Wizarding World

Helen Mirren will be hosting the competition and there will be all sorts of celebrity guests, including Tom Felton, Pete Davidson, and Jay Leno!

Wizarding World

What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t want to be a part of this contest? You get to dress up in your house colors, hang out with a bunch of other Potterheads, and celebrate one of the best series of all time!

Wizarding World

This 4-part series begins on November 28th on TBS and Cartoon Network. You can also join a digital quiz event that will launch on WizardingWorld.com starting November 26th!

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