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You Can Get A ‘Home Alone’ Advent Calendar So You Can Count Down To Christmas

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Is it just me, or is this year flying by way too quickly?

Halloween is right around the corner, then comes Thanksgiving… then CHRISTMAS!

If you’re looking for an amazing Christmas advent calendar for this year, I have found it!

Watching the movie ‘Home Alone’ is a yearly tradition here at our house and this advent calendar is perfect for any fan of the movie.

Hughes Entertainment

Eight-year old Kevin has the house all to himself when his family accidentally leaves him home alone for the holidays. But when two bumbling burglars knock on his door, Kevin has to devise a series of traps to defend his home! Re-discover this charming holiday classic with this interactive advent calendar featuring a pop-up tree, 24 paper ornaments recalling the film’s most memorable moments, and a bonus booklet of Kevin’s misadventures.

Amazon product description

The advent calendar is called Home Alone: The Official AAAAAAAdvent Calendar!

The name is a play on words mimicking Kevin’s scream when he used aftershave in the movie.

Inside the advent calendar is a pop-up Christmas tree and there are doors for days starting on December 1st all the way to December 24th.


Behind each door, you’ll find a paper ornament that shows a moment from the movie that you can hang on the pop-up Christmas tree each night.

The Home Alone: The Official AAAAAAAdvent Calendar won’t be available until October 26th.

BUT you can pre-order it right now on Amazon!


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