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Igloo Just Dropped A Nightmare Before Christmas Cooler So You Can Chill Your Way To The Holidays

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The movie that encompasses both Halloween and Christmas together and loved by so many is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.


With fans spanning many generations, there is always excitement when new products are released that feature characters from the movie.

What other movie can you watch over and over from October through Christmas?

I love Tim Burton and the stop motion animation that he uses in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, no one can do a movie like he can.


Now that we are right between Halloween and Christmas, a new product featuring our favorite characters has been released.


IGLOO just released a limited edition Little Playmate ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ cooler that I must have!

We captured some of the most iconic scenes, along with the characters within them, like Jack Skellington, Sally, the Mayor of Halloween Town, Oogie Boogie and more.

IGLOO product description

The design on this IGLOO Little Playmate cooler is totally inspired by Halloween Town.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ cooler has a capacity of 7-quarts, and can hold up to 9 12-ounce cans. and has the THERMECOOL foam, which is aa cleaner insulation that is eco-friendly!


You can get the IGLOO limited edition ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Little Playmate cooler for just $39.99 while supplies last!


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