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It’s Cranston Vs. Cranston In This Funny ‘Why Him’ Trailer Parody!

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This is the movie I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Okay, maybe not my whole life. Maybe just since I saw Breaking Bad. In fact, ever since I saw Breaking Bad I’ve imagined Walt in all of Bryan Cranston’s roles. I can’t help it. He was That Good. But with Why Him coming out, it was hard for me to imagine Bryan Cranston as a loving family man without thinking of his cold-blooded, meth manufacturing counterpart. Thank goodness for Funny Or Die. They think like I think, and thus I bring you, “WHY WALT”. Take a look!

So the trailer for WHY HIM looks hysterical by itself, but this version? This version is one I’d pay to see tomorrow. I’d watch it tonight. I’d camp out to watch it. Seriously, I can’t stop laughing and whoever made this is one hilarious SOB.

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