You Can Dress Up As Joe Exotic This Year For Halloween, Because Why Not?

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Even though kids around the world may not be able to trick or treat and Halloween parties might be more of a gathering, that doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up on Halloween night!

That’s one tradition I’m not breaking this year.

Tiger King

Spirit Halloween is home to every Halloween decoration, costume or prop you can think of and this year, they’re giving us a laugh for sure.

Tiger King

This year, you can dress up as Joe Exotic with the complete mullet and stash.

The costume is officially called “Mullet Man” Costume but you know that it’s Joe Exotic, I mean, how can it not be?


Selling for $40, you can get a blue, long sleeve, zebra printed, button up t-shirt paired with a mullet wig, a mustache and they even went as far as including an eyebrow ring.

You can also get Joe Exotic’s classic grey jeans and boots sold separately.

Once ‘Tiger King’ became as popular as it did, I’m not surprised they made a Joe Exotic look alike for Halloween this year; although I’m not quite sure if this costume would be Carole Baskin approved.

You can get your own Joe Exotic Costume from Spirit Halloween Here.

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