Johnny Depp Made A Surprise Appearance at The VMAs and Joked That He ‘Needed The Work’

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Hold up, did you see that?!

The 2022 MTV VMAs hosted by LL Cool J is happening right now on MTV and during the last cut before commercial, there was a moment not many realized happened…

It panned out to an astronaut suit and the vision goes up and BAM it’s Johnny Depp…

I am pretty sure he said something like…

“Hey you know what? I needed the work”

Ahhh OMG!! Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at the 2022 MTV VMAs and people are wanting more!!

People are tweeting all sorts of things like…

Seriously, will we see more of Johnny Depp tonight?! I for one hope so!

You can watch the surprise appearance in the video below.

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