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Judge Judy Is Ending After 25 Seasons and I’m Not Ready

Hold the phone! My grandma is about to be so upset.

Courtesy of judgejudysheindlin on Instagram

Judge Judy is ending after 25 seasons on television, and it’s truly the end of an era.

Courtesy of judgejudysheindlin on Instagram

Seriously, I remember Judge Judy Sheindlin gracing the television airwaves when I was in high school — and that was just a FEW years ago!

Judy is said to be announcing the sad news on an episode of Ellen on Monday.

While she is announcing the end of Judge Judy at the end of the 2020-2021 season, she will also be dropping the news that she has a new show in development.

What [CBS] decided to do is sell a couple of years’ worth of reruns. But I’m not tired, so Judy Justice will be coming out a year later.

Judy Sheindlin Courtesy of

Be watching Ellen for the big announcement from Judy.