Kim Kardashian Replies To Fans Asking If Kourtney Kardashian Has A Giant Chest Tattoo

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It’s no secret the Kardashian ladies tend to change their styles depending on whom they are dating at the time.

Kourtney Kardashian is the latest family member to be dating and changing her style. After all, she is engaged to Travis Barker.

Kourtney has transformed her style to a more edgy, rocker look wearing black leather and matching her mani to Travis’ teeth gems.

Oh and then there is look:


But now, fans believe that Kourtney may have gotten some permanent changes in the form of a chest tattoo.

One fan in particular posted on Twitter saying,

“Does @kourtneykardash have a boob tattoo?”

It was a comment in response to this image that Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter:

Did Kourtney Kardashian get a giant chest tattoo?

Sister Kim Kardashian came to the rescue trying to put the rumors to rest by responding and saying:

“I don’t think so lol.”

Kim Kardashian

I mean, I guess that doesn’t exactly say no…

Other fans have commented saying it’s actually a lace bra but if so, why isn’t there lace on the other side?

Nonetheless, this has Kardashian fans all worked up. Guess it’s a slow news day ha!

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