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This Mom Went Viral For Her WIC-Approved Recipes and I Can Totally See Why

We know we can find all kinds of recipes on TikTok. From ones that are too complicated to even attempt to ones that are cool hacks to make cooking a bit easier.

But, Sunni Rudd came up with a genius idea, that is so practical!!

She does WIC approved recipes on TikTok — something that I would have never thought of. Her recipes have the potential to help so many people!

If you don’t know what WIC is, it is a supplemental nutrition program for expectant mothers or for people with children up to the age of 5.

It’s kind of like SNAP (which used to be known as “food stamps”), but instead of loading monthly money on a card to use on a variety of things at the grocery store, WIC can only be used on certain approved food items.

WIC items can sometimes be pretty random, and it can definitely be difficult to put a meal together with WIC products. Usually you can get cheese, baby food, milk, eggs, some breads, peanut butter — basic essentials.

Many of the items you would usually find to embellish and complete recipes in cookbooks are off limits with WIC.

On WIC, you have all of these lists of approved items that you can buy. And not all of the stores in New York stock those items, or make them easily accessible. So then I started creating recipes and started creating cheat sheets on how to find those items, and what to make with those items. Like, when you’re down to your last dollar and you only have your WIC card, what are you gonna make? 

Sunni Rudd to Mashable

In her first video using only WIC Approved foods, Sunni made an easy Breakfast Scramble with peppers, potatoes, and avocado — something ANYONE can make!

Her breakfast scramble recipe quickly amassed over 4K views, and commenters were begging her to make more.

We need a WIC series 😭!




Loooks soooo goood !!


She immediately obliged, and has posted a WIC food recipe every couple of days since.

Every single one of her recipes looks soooo good. I’m past the point of WIC, but I would totally make these recipes on a daily basis for my kids!

Like, check out this Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bake. You can’t tell me that doesn’t look delicious!!

You can check out all of Sunni’s WIC food recipes on her TikTok page.

* It is important to note that WIC regulations vary from state to state. You have to check with your individual state to see what foods they allow.