Mountain Dew Voodew Is Releasing A New Mystery Flavor Just In Time For Halloween

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Mountain Dew is doing a pretty cool thing and it takes precise taste bud guessing skills.

If you’re familiar with last year’s Mountain Dew VooDew taste test, last year’s flavor was Candy Corn, so we can only assume this year might be Halloween inspired again.


If you’re new to the game, you won’t have to be blind folded to try and guess the new VooDew flavor because the appearance of the liquid is a milky white color so no cheating is allowed.


Last year’s can was decorated with purple, orange, red, and yellow while this year’s bottle keeps the red and yellow but adds green and blue to the mix, according to a Reddit user.

The same Reddit user even tried the new flavor for 2020 and guessed their vote as marshmallow. What will yours be?

Currently there’s no official date when this year’s VooDew flavor will release, but until then, we can come up with theories of what we think the new flavor might be!

Good luck!


Last year’s flavor was announced via Twitter by Mountain Dew on Halloween, so I guess we’ll have to wait until then to know the correct answer. My guess, maybe something to do with cinnamon?


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