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Move Over Bean Bags, You Can Now Take A Nap Inside A Giant Pouch

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Bean bags are so last year.

And are they really that comfortable? The answer is no, which means you’re probably in need of a spot to read books, take naps, and journal other than your bed.

Enter, the Floof.

Without the beans and all of the comfort, this “bed” is similar to the comfiest chair you’ve ever sat in except you can fully down lay in it!

Courtesy of @Floofcouture

Thanks to Etsy shop owner and creator @Floofcouture, this enormous Floof is basically a giant pouch for humans!

Truly, a match made in heaven for catching some zzzz’s.

Courtesy of @Floofcouture

Made out of high-end faux fur with a thick filling in between for extra comfort when lying down and a back to lean up against to fully unwind, the Floof might even be better than your own bed for taking long naps.

Not to mention each “people pocket” as the designer calls them, is also hand sewn with strong Brazilian wax cord.

Courtesy of @Floofcouture

And you can even pick from an array of cozy colors and several designs to match your bedroom, the living room, or the secret treehouse in your background.

Personally, who doesn’t want a space to simply read a book, write fiction, listen to music, etc.

Courtesy of @Floofcouture

Available in three different sizes, the Floof is available in a size small, large, or extra large.

You can currently pre-order the Floof on Etsy, and visit their website to read more about Floof Couture.

Courtesy of @Floofcouture

It looks like it’ll be me, the Floof, and my fluffy blanket for the next couple of weeks.

Courtesy of @Floofcouture

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