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Nelly’s Performance On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is My Favorite Part Of The Apocalypse

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Just when I thought 2020 had nothing left to look forward to, Nelly went and performed on Dancing With The Stars.


Yes, THE NELLY. I mean, I have no idea where he’s been all this time but he’s basically aged like a fine wine. And hot damn, that performance, it is my favorite part of the apocalypse.

Nelly performed on DWTS with his partner and they did the Salsa dance to his very own song “Ride Wit Me”.


Can I just say that his smile lit up that dance floor? I mean WOW.


But his moves – his moves is what really stroke a string with me. He can dance!!


Also, I agree with this person, we need to protect Nelly at all costs!


Awww I loved his performance so much and I cannot wait to see more.


You can watch Nelly’s first performance on DWTS below. I am going to just stick it on repeat.


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