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Move Over, Gossip Girl, ‘Get Even’ Is The New Netflix Show You Will Want To Binge Watch

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We found another good show to binge watch from Netflix!!

Have y’all seen Get Even?

It’s the story of 4 teen girls who attend an elite private school, but they don’t exactly run in the same social circles. In fact, they are pretty adamant that they are NOT friends.

Courtesy of Netflix

They do have one thing in common. They want to see justice.

They come together as “coworkers in the department of vengeance” against bullying.


They call their secret “Team” D.G.M., and they set out to do all good in the retribution department for the people in their school.


Something goes wrong, though, and they get blamed for a crime they didn’t commit.

Courtesy of Netflix

Spoiler: One of their targets ends of dead, and he has a note in his hand that reads, ‘D.G.M’.

Courtesy of Netflix

Now, they could get mad and cry about being framed for murder — or — they could exact vengeance, and Get Even.

Courtesy of Netflix

I wonder which one they will decide to do!

Courtesy of Netflix

This is being called a British Thriller, and if you like shows like Gossip Girl, you will totally dig this show! It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and wanting more.

Courtesy of Netflix

The first 10 episodes are available to stream on Netflix.

Courtesy of Netflix

See the trailer for Get Even below.

After you finish binging Get Even, you HAVE to check out Zac Efron’s new show on Netflix. He can make ANY show a beautiful thing to watch!


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