Netflix Is Being Sued Because Their Newest Series Is Being Watched Too Much

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This is probably one of the craziest lawsuits I’ve ever heard of…

Apparently, Netflix is being sued for their newest series because it has been watched too much.


Yes – – because too many people have watched it. Isn’t that just nuts?!


The new series is called Squid Game and in case you haven’t heard, it is actually surpassing Netflix’s most watched series Bridgerton.

Squid Game is a South Korean fictional drama in which contestants who are deeply in debt play children’s games in order to win a ton of cash. The downside is that losers will be killed.


Some are saying the show is really disturbing and messed up and won’t finish it while others cannot get enough.

No matter which side you fall on, EVERYONE is talking about it.


With that of course, comes everyone watching it and according to reports, Netflix is being sued by South Korean Internet service provider SK Broadband to pay for costs from increased network traffic and maintenance work because of a surge of viewers to the U.S. firm’s content.


I would think that the streaming would be done on Netflix’s side but nonetheless, I find this lawsuit so strange.

I mean, if it’s that popular, it must be good, right?

You can check out the trailer below of Squid Game. It’s available to watch on Netflix now.

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  1. Hey internet provider… how about you eat the overhead for all the years your customers DIDNT watch a smash hit TV series. This isn’t Netflix’s problem. If once every five years a show or gane hits the market that drives up the server loads so be it. Customers are WAY overpaying for internet as it is. They should have bought more servers with all of their profits.

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