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Oprah’s List Of Favorite Things For 2021 Is Here So The Holidays Can Officially Begin

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Oprah Winfrey has done it again, bringing us her BIGGEST list favorite things ever! I’m so excited — I wait every year for this Oprah list!

There’s no denying it now. It is time to get into the full swing of everything Christmas, and I am so ready!!

Oprah’s annual list of favorite things dropped TODAY, and it is a massive 110 items bigs — a lot of which I can actually afford. LOL!!

In a statement, Oprah said that THIS year, she is choosing to celebrate “small businesses, women-owned brands, and items created by people of color,” and I’m totally down with that.

“After this past year, I think we all deserve some surprises and delights for the holiday season,” Winfrey said. “That’s why we worked hard to find these truly delightful items.”

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This list, which will be featured in the winter issue of O Magazine and on OprahDaily.com, includes 40 items that are UNDER $50, so get your credit cards ready!

Here are a few things that we love from her list.

Oprah's Favorite Things And Ours Too

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