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‘Recession-Core’ Is The Hottest New Fashion Trend And My Bank Account Is Here For It

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Everyone is talking about a looming recession, and that vibe has leaked into the world of fashion.

Recession-Core is the new fashion trend, and everyone is talking about it.

People REALLY started talking about it after the Golden Globes, when many of the celebrities went sans jewelry down the red carpet.

Side Note: Do we really think celebrities can’t afford jewelry? No. They just don’t want to flaunt their wealth in front of the fans who are struggling.

That lack of the bling is proof that recession-core is a thing, so you may as well hop onboard.

What Is Recession-Core?

It is basically exactly what it sounds like.

Recession-Core is a minimalistic aesthetic at its finest.

Think no jewelry, natural hair colors, natural makeup looks, muted outfit colors, practical bags, etc.

People are headed back to the thrift stores for their outfits, ditching the accessories, and skipping visits to the hair salon in favor of a minimalistic natural look.

According to BeLatina, this vibe is almost exactly like we saw with the recession of 2008.

The last time the economy took a turn for the worse, we saw fashion reverting to minimalistic, modest, more natural looks.

I’m going to admit, I don’t hate it.

My bank account is more than happy with the Recession-Core vibe, and I’m ready to take the excessive fashion trends back a notch or two.

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