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If You’re Not Slapping Your Watermelon, You Are Doing It All Wrong

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When’s the last time you picked out the perfect watermelon?

For years, I thought the right way to pick that perfectly juicy and sweet watermelon was to smell it. Ya know, until masks became a thing.

But turns out, If You’re Not Slapping Your Watermelon, You Are Doing It All Wrong and I sort of feel dirty about it.

In case you didn’t know, watermelon peak season is from June through August but if you want to ensure your watermelon is PERFECT in taste and texture, you need to give it a good ol’ spanking – gently.

Simply pick up your watermelon and give it a light slap or tap.

If the sound it makes is a dull, muted thudding sound, put it back.

That sound means the rind is very thick and the melon has less of that refreshingly juicy red flesh to chomp down on.

If you hear a crispy, resonant, hollow smack, and feel a subtle rebounding clap-back, that’s the watermelon you want to take home and cut into slices.

Heck, it might even be perfect for soaking in some tequila and using some sea salt.

So, there you have it. When in doubt, smack your watermelon and you’ll know if it’s a winner!

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