So, Inauguration…

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I woke up this morning to my twitter stream filled with people excited about tomorrow’s inauguration and others that were upset that it was happening.  There were people laughing at the people who thought everything would automatically change in one day, and there were others that were just optimistic that tomorrow was a new day.  But, the question is, how do I feel about all this?

I am a big supporter of Obama, and I live the idea of him taking office tomorrow.  I will be watching with my daughter making sure she gets to see this little part of history even if she is too little to understand exactly what she is watching.

When we left the polls after election day she looked over at her dad and said, “Daddy, you voted for Brobama, right?”  (That was her way of saying Barack Obama… and I think it is too adorable) and when he told her that he voted who he thought would make the best President, she caught on that he did not cast his vote the same way her mother had earlier that day.  Hopefully these little tidbits will stick in her mind and keep her politically aware enough to understand that we do make a difference in how our country is run, and that we are very lucky to have those options…

Tomorrow will be a big day because it’s history.  It’s history in the making, and it isn’t every day that you get the opportunity to sit down in front of your television (or computer) and know that you are watching a little piece of history happen.  So, I don’t care who you voted for… you should be watching tomorrow.

Do I think that everything will change by tomorrow afternoon?  No, I am more realistic than that.  I don’t think we will see that much change in four years, our government is run on a system of checks and balances so that no one person can have too much power, and we will definitely be seeing that influence over the next four years, but that is okay, because that is how our forefathers meant for this country to be ran, and so far it has worked out pretty well.  But, I do think that tomorrow a lot of people’s spirit of hope will be renewed, and that is something I am looking forward to.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I will definitely be watching tomorrow, and I am excited for the days to come.

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  1. I too am inspired by tomorrow, and no, things won’t change over night. I saw a comment (on twitter) by someone who was disgusted by all the coverage of Obama in the news and couldn’t stand to watch it. I am often at a loss at how some people think. The shell they have encased themselves in keeps them close-minded and unable to conceive of the possibility of change for the better. I’m sure they want Obama to fail. Progress is slow. Sometimes there are setbacks. But I must applaud those who have stepped forward for change.


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