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This Is Like Watching ‘Tremors’, IRL, And It’s Terrifying!

I had no idea the movie Tremors was based on an actual animal. But now that I know, I’m freaking out a bit. This thing is horrifying! And I might never step in the water again. Here’s the thing: I always thought Tremors was a campy, goofy little slightly horrorish flick and nothing more. But …

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Blog Break #AmWriting

That’s right, I just used a twitter hashtag in the title of my post. Let’s just move past that, shall we? I am going to spend the rest of the week getting my book into shape so I can send it off to beta readers. But, I need two things from you… (What, you thought …

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Self Doubt and Suckage

This writing thing’s a tough gig. You write a story–polish it until your eyes go crosseyed, and then query it to fabulous agents that you know can champion your book with the best of them. It’s all very exciting and fun-filled. But, then you wait…. …and you wait…. … and just when you thought you …

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