Ten Things I Love About Me

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So, a few years back… I made this scrapbook page.

10 Things

If you can’t read the text:

My Website

My Job

I Can Make a Bicycle Horn Noise

I am Not Afraid to Try New Things

My Little Feet

My Smile

I Love to Help People

My Hair

I Always Make Friends

I Can Make Anyone Laugh

Now, let me just say that there are things on this list that are still totally on the list, but over the past few years… a LOT has changed!  I am a mom now, and I don’t have the same job or even website I was talking about up there!  So…. here is how I would REVISE my list:

My Website I don’t know exactly if I should strike this through, because I still love my blog, just not the scrapbooking website I used to own that I was referring to.  My Blog makes me happy because it is a little outlet for me to just talk about whatever I want whenever I want… SO…. I say for this one… we keep it, just change the meaning:  My Blog

My Job Again, this totally changes, I am no longer a kindergarten teacher, so I can’t love that about myself anymore… instead I am a stay at home mom, and I love that job not because of the job, but because of what it’s for, so this one, even though it’s not technically about me anymore, changes changes:  My Fabulous and Amazing Daughter, being her mom, that is

I Can Make a Bicycle Horn Noise This one stays… it’s awesome… I sound just like a bicycle horn.  No joke.

I am Not Afraid to Try New Things Again, I am writing a book for crying out loud!  Sounds like I am into a new thing to me!

My Little Feet I still have cute little feet, but I am just not that into them anymore… I think I kind of got over them when they ballooned up in that scary creepy way when I was pregnant, so they are off the list, so I need something totally new and different to put here: My Passion

My Smile Still totally valid 🙂

I Love to Help People I don’t know why this was ever on the list.  I don’t really love to help all people, only my friends and family, I know this is kind of selfish, but really, this should have read:  I Love to Help People who Matter to Me

My Hair Yeah, I still love it.

I Always Make Friends It’s easy to make friends, but as the years go by, I realize what’s hard is keeping them!  You have to cultivate friendships and care about people.  This isn’t as easy as making friends, and I haven’t quite got it down yet!

I Can Make Anyone Laugh This one still rings true!  Hopefully I will prove it when you guys finally read my book!

And so, there you have it, the new and improved Ten Things I Love About Me!

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