The North Pole Has Just Released The Naughty And Nice List For 2020

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It’s come to that time of year once again where elves are finishing making toys and Santa is preparing for Christmas.

As a matter of fact, one of Santa’s helpers has announced that the naughty and nice list for 2020 is officially completed.

Kudos to Santa for finishing his naughty and nice list early this year; it’s only the second week of December and he’s already marked and checked his list twice!

According to the Department of Christmas Affairs which is directly under the North Pole Government, Santa’s important list has over 450 pages!

Now if you don’t want coal for Christmas, I suggest you check the list more than twice and if you think Santa is mistaken; luckily, Santa is pretty good with hearing both sides of the story.

And if you find your name on the naughty list and really think it’s a mistake, you can report the mistake here so Santa can review your behavior once more.

If your name is missing entirely from the list you can ask for your name to be added to the list here.

The First Assistant Secretary of Naughty Behaviour Processing, Enforcement and Rehabilitation has the List Modernisation & Revitalisation (LMR) team working overtime to add new names to the list.

If your name is missing, submit it here and we will add it to our processing cue.

Santa may check his list twice but he’s not perfect!

Now if you’re wishing for a specific present under the tree this year, Santa is also taking gift requests, it’s not guaranteed that this present will be delivered but it’s always worth a shot to get Santa’s attention.

You can check if your name made the naughty or nice list here and I don’t want to brag or anything but “Natalie” made the nice list, YES!

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  1. Roseanne has been doing good she finally is going to the potty now. she needs to work on her attitude some. over all i would say she has been pretty good.

  2. Could you add Klaira and Addileigh to the list please ? I really think they are on the nice list but just want to double check.

  3. Thia-Mae
    Have been really good this year with everything they have gone through

  4. Remie, Magnolia, and Kyra are my 3 beautiful girls. Did the get make the nice list or naughty list.

  5. Dianelizz been making good grades in school and been listen to parents

  6. Machali, Bowen & Jaxson has been very good this year.

  7. Brinlee is such a good girl and deserves to be on the nice list she helps her mommy clean and shares!

  8. Please add my girls
    Heaven-Lee, Layla and Maisie

  9. She’s been helping a lot to her parents and being a great big sister and all she’s done all year is be the best she can.

  10. Nathan Knabb , faith Layla and Lydia rupert have all been very wonderful thru out the year: I’m proud of there accomplishments and hope to see more next year:

  11. My kiddos Brantley, melia, Kaiden and Eloise have been pretty good this year ? please add them to the nice list?

  12. Santa, listen I’ve been kinda on the nice/naughty kick. But I’ve been doing better I’m trying I’m getting there bubby. This Christmas I think I deserve to be on the nice list but in your eyes I would be on the naughty list lol but I love ya Santa and have a good Christmas!❤️❤️

  13. Lexie has been very naughty and not very nice to her baby sister hazel.

  14. I really want an iPhone 12 pro max phone case it would help a lot❤️

  15. My daughter Christina and niece Lila have been some what good this year learning to play nicely together and share it’s difficult at times for them

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