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It’s tough to be a rubber ducky, but it’s really tough to be a rubber ducky in a bathroom that sits on the ledge of the tub. Staring at the toilet. Looking at me. Why is he always looking at me? HAH!

I’ve had this little rubber ducky since college. Is that weird? I got him at some sort of party– I think it might have been a bubble party at some frat house. You know the ones where the entire frat house is covered in foam?

So, this ducky started out seeing things that only rubber duckies know.

bathtub photo It almost looks like he’s crying a little. Poor ducky. You have to feel for him, because here’s the deal–When I leave the bathroom I get to forget what happened in there, but not him. He just has to sit there. All day. Every day.

Oh little ducky, you’ve seen some stuff, haven’t you? rubber ducky  
When you’re in the bathroom doing your thang, you have time to think about these things. Wonder what it would be like if those little bathroom toys came to life. Hah! Do you think they’d talk about what they’ve seen or would they just like… move on and pretend things never happened.

These are the things I wonder while I am in the bathroom. These are my bathroom thoughts. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks that way. 

I love these #HelpMeForget Designed to be Forgotten videos directed by Academy Award nominee Bennett Miller. They are HILARIOUS! 

No seriously they make me laugh out loud every time. Mr. Gator– Mr. Gator what must it be like to be you? 

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