This Bar In Arizona Has Made A Crazy-Cute Baby Yoda Cocktail and I Need One

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Oh, how we love Baby Yoda! He has become a little bit of an adorable obsession for many.

So many bars have come out with their own version of the Baby Yoda cocktail. One bar in Phoenix, AZ, however, has come up with, perhaps the yummiest version out there.

They have based the drink on a Gin Flip, which is Gin, Cane Sugar, and an egg.


The trick is to “meringue” the egg, by shaking it twice: once with ice, once without. It gives the drink a totally smooth and creamy texture.

Via AZCentral.

Sammy Black, the night manager at Lux Central in Arizona, artistically makes this drink by adding green matcha, pear brandy, and a green apple garnish. YES, PLEASE!!

This fabulous drink will only cost you $10, and it available upon request. I would TOTALLY get one, just to say I had it!


There are other versions of Baby Yoda cocktails out there. They definitely aren’t as pretty as the Lux Central version, but they get an “A” for effort!


A frozen margarita would definitely give you that green Baby Yoda effect. Lime ears seem to be the goto for most of these Baby Yoda drinks.


This Baby Yoda drink uses Midori and Key Lime Cream liqueur, and of course, those Baby Yoda ears made out of lime.


But, I have to make the trip to Arizona to try the Lux Central version of the cocktail! This seems to be the BEST Version of these Baby Yoda Drinks*.

Check out Baby Yoda on The Mandalorian on Disney+. Even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars, you will be a fan of Baby Yoda.

*In my humble opinion.

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