This Incredibly Hot Vet Is Everything You’ve Been Missing In Your Life

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I say all the time how much I wish wish wish I’d been born a cat or dog just because they (at least mine) are so stinkin’ spoiled. Now I’ve got one more reason to wish I’d been born into another species: Dr. Evan Antin. Oh. Holy. Cow. Dr. Antin is an exotic (and sometimes not as exotic) vet who lives in Thousand Oaks, California and works atĀ Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital…and he has stolen my throbbing heart. Yes, this formal model and personal trainer is a total heartthrob AND loves animals and *swoon* I’m not sure I can keep my ovaries in check…Just check him out below to see what I mean.

doc and floofies

I first learned about Dr. Antin from a post on Buzzfeed, and immediately (not ashamed) stalked out his Instagram and Facebook feeds. Word of warning: Definitely NOT for the faint of stomach. For me, though? Totally. Awesome.

doc and reptile kisses

See, not only does Dr. Antin seem to truly, absolutely LOVE the animals he is treating, but he’s also totally into sharing the daily in and out of vet care with his followers and viewers (of which I am now one).

doc and floofie

Though I don’t know for certain whether he is ‘taken’, he does have an absolutely adorable baby so chances are he’s off the market…

doc and baby

For an animal lover like me it doesn’t matter. As much as I went to see Dr. Antin, I also went to see all the floofies and more…

doc and tortoise

doc and serval love

In closing, all I can say is keep being you, Doc. You look like you love your job and those animals look like they are very loved by you…which makes you aces in my book.

doc and pittbull

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