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This San Diego Baker Turns Pies Into Works Of Art That Are Almost Too Pretty to Eat

This baker turns pies into works of art and you’re going to fall head over heels in love with them!


I have seen cakes and pastries decorated beautifully, with perfectly smooth fondant and dainty buttercream designs.

But I have never seen anything like these pies, Lauren Ko the owner of LOKOKITCHEN turns pies into true works of art!

Those are potatoes! What is this wizardry?! I know how to make mashed potatoes and that’s about it… is that fancy?


She doesn’t just make traditional dessert pies (as if there is anything traditional about her pies in the first place), she also makes savory pies such as a Baked Chicken And Pepper Sauce Pie.


I am pretty sure we have all seen the cute basketweave apple pies or pumpkin pies with puff pastry leaves on top, but those don’t compare to these… not one bit.

About Lauren Ko

Lauren is an artist, self-taught baker, and the founder of the popular Instagram account @lokokitchen. She has roots in sunny San Diego, but is currently based out of Seattle, WA.

Lauren regularly inspires fellow bakers the world over with her colorful geometric style. Her pie designs have been featured in publications such as VogueO Magazine, Buzzfeed, and Design Milk. She has appeared on-screen in Martha Bakes with Martha Stewart, CBS’ Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation,and Thrillist’s online documentary series Job Goals.

In 2018, she was named to The Bake Feed’s Baker’s Dozen—13 of the most talented baking icons, movers, and shakers pushing baking boundaries and making the biggest difference in the baking world!


But guess what!? She teaches workshops!

Now I am not going to say that your pies will be this amazing on the first go, but Lauren Ko is rumored to be a pretty amazing teacher!