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To Me, Snape Will Always Be A Hero…RIP Alan Rickman

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Alan Rickman is (and always will be) one of my favorite actors ever. The first time I ever saw him was as he played Hans Gruber in Die Hard. At the time I was too young to really know much about him, but I knew I hated him. My dad told me that was a good thing…that meant he was a good actor. Over the years I’ve watched him play hated character after hated character and somehow I fell in love with him. I don’t know if it was his voice, or his eyes. Maybe the way he carried himself on screen, or the truly kind way he talked to his fans, but I fell in love. I think maybe it was Galaxy Quest. He’d gone from playing all these villains to this guy who was anything but villainous and my heart swooned. Then I saw him as Professor Snape in Harry Potter and from the very first movie (even though I read the books first) he was Snape. And to me, he was a hero.

Alan Rickman

Here’s a video of all of Snape’s scenes from Harry Potter, in chronological order…

I cried the first time I saw that video. Not because it showed me anything I hadn’t thought about before, but because it confirmed it for me…he really was the unappreciated guardian.

I never liked Snape in the books. He came off as smarmy, greasy, and overly hateful…it was Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Professor Snape that changed my mind about him and his role in the series. It was the way he looked at Harry…the unspoken body language…the things that he did that weren’t celebrated.

And it was completely because Rickman portrayed him the way he did that I fell in love with Snape. In the books when Snape died I didn’t shed a tear; in the movie, I cry every time.

There are actors that feel like close friends even though we’ve never met them, and Alan Rickman was that to me. You touched a lot of lives, Mr. Rickman. RIP.

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