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The Trailer For The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Revival Has Been Released and Bayside High Is Back!

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The gang is back together, well almost… I noticed a few faces missing in the trailer. Bayside High is back with all new shenanigans!


The official trailer for the ‘Saved By The Bell’ revival from Peacock just posted. I see Jessie Spano, A.C. Slater, Zack Morris, and even Kelly Kapowski!


There is a whole new high school crew! Zack is the California Governor and apparently he is in a bit of trouble for closing too many schools that were underfunded.


So he takes those students and sends them to the well-funded schools and that includes the school we all know… Bayside High! A school where wealthy families attend.


Jessie and A.C. are now serving as faculty at Bayside high where they used to rule the school as teens.


All of the new students that have been moved over to Bayside High show the privileged Bayside kids what it’s like on the other side.


Zach has his own son named Mac Morris that looks a whole lot like Zach! He even has the same personality! Jessie is a mom in the new series and has a sensitive son named Jamie.


Tracey Wigfield, who of 30 Rock fame, is the writer and executive producer of the new show. The revival of ‘Saved By The Bell’ will premier on Peacock Wednesday, November 25th! I can’t wait to check it out!

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