Vans is Releasing A Nightmare Before Christmas Collection and It Is Simply Meant to Be Mine

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October 4th is the day we’ve been waiting for, and it’s finally here!

Vans is releasing their Nightmare Before Christmas Collection, and I couldn’t be more ready!

Via Vans

I was originally happy just to have these shoes in my life. THEN I heard Vans is bringing out a total collection of matching apparel to accompany the release of the shoes. GAH!!!

If I don’t get this “Jack’s Lament” sweatshirt, I’m going to sick Oogie Boogie on someone! It is, perhaps the most iconic scene in the film, and with the slightest little effort of my ghost like charms, I will be wearing it daily this fall.

Via Vans

Then there is this amazing (I have to have it) backpack. It shows Jack, along with the mayor of Halloween town, and Oogie Boogieโ€™s henchmen, Shock, Lock, and Barrel. If you look closely, you might see the evil one himself, Mr. Oogie Boogie Man peeking out to say “BOO!”

And that’s only ONE of the backpacks! There are more!

Of course, we have sweet Sally, with her patchwork design. OMG! Look at those shoes. I’m a size 8, in case you are wondering.

Via Vans

It wouldn’t be a proper Nightmare Before Christmas collection unless a sweatshirt dedicated to Sally were involved. I’m dying.

Via Vans

There are ten … TEN … pieces of footwear in this collection. Not to mention all the apparel and accessories that will be in my cart.

Via Vans

I can GUARANTEE you, this collection is going to go FAST. You better get ready and act quickly when this collection drops on October 4th!

Via Vans

The social media world is going crazy over this Vans/Disney collaboration!

Here is what a few are saying …

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