You Can Crochet Boho Mountain Peak Pillows For The Person Who Loves The Great Outdoors

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It’s my dream to own my house in the mountains someday, after I move to the big apple of course.

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

If you admire the mountain atmosphere, it’s probably because of the calming rain and beautiful scenery.

There’s just something about the mountain air that just smells so fresh, don’t you think?

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

If you don’t have the luxury of currently living in the mountains, how about bringing the mountains home?

Okay, well you can’t actually move mountains, but you can make your own crocheted pattern of one!

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

Thanks to @HelloWildflowerCo, you can download her crochet pattern for 5 dollars OR you can buy her mountain peak pillows for 44 dollars each on Etsy.

So you can either have the work already done for you or you can bask in the glory by making one of your own!

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

The crocheted mountain pillow comes in 4 different colors including marble grey, storm front, carrousel and succulent, all of which look incredibly cozy on a white silk bed.

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

The decorative pillow gives any mountain climbing enthusiast or cozy cabin lover a touch of the mountain scenery.

Courtesy of HelloWildflowerCo

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