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Can We Please Talk About That WandaVision Finale? Because It Had Me In Tears

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Whew – that was emotional.

Yes, I am referring to the WandaVision Season Finale. I was a big ol’ ball baby with that ending.

Now, far warning – there WILL be spoilers because I have to get some things off my chest and talk about it. So, if you haven’t seen it, click away now!

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Okay, so here we are – WandaVision Season 1 is officially over and that went from WTF is happening to OMG my heart is broken in just 9 short episodes.

You guys, I cannot deal with the fact Wanda had to get rid of her family including Vision. That entire scene broke my heart.

I can’t imagine tucking my kids in bed one last time knowing I’d never see them again. My heart broke at that moment.

But then we see Vision and Wanda talking and holding hands awaiting for the vail to reach them and OMG that just made me so sad.

Vision does make a comment to Wanda saying “Who knows what I might be next” (36:28 time stamp) and is that a hint?

Which brings me to my question…

What the heck happened to the other Vision? I am pretty sure the Vision Wanda created transferred his memories/conscious into the new Vision’s body.

So, does that mean Vision is coming back? Where the heck did he go? We never saw him again!!

I will say this- this is one of the most emotional endings for a Marvel series/movie (right up there with Iron Man dying).

I just hope at some point Vision comes back (even in a new body) and him and Wanda can reunite because the love these two share is amazing!

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