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It’s Free Nuggets Time at Wendy’s and I’m On My Way

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As a family we are always down for free food! This is why I love reward programs and use the apps for all of my favorite places.

Wendy’s chicken nuggets happen to be one of my kids favorites. In my opinion they are so much better than other fast food nuggets, well… except Chick-fil-A, no one tops them!


Right now at Wendy’s you can get a 10-piece order of their chicken nuggets for free! It’s super simple too!

If you do not already have the Wendy’s app, you’ll need to download that first. Once you have that setup, you are ready to go!


Just place and purchase an order from Wendy’s using the app, and you can get the order of 10-piece chicken nuggets for FREE!

Wendy’s Instagram

Just order some fries and a drink, maybe a Frosty too? Then get those free chicken nuggets!

I love ordering from the app! I don’t feel pressured at the drive-thru to remember to order everything that everyone wants!

Wendy’s Instagram

Don’t forget your favorite dipping sauce! Mine is honey mustard, so good even on fries!

You’ll want to jump on this quick! It’s only available for a limited time and the offer ends on March 14th.

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