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You Can Watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ for Free on Christmas Day! Here’s How.

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So many theaters are still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, others are only open at a limited capacity. So this has changed the way a lot of movies are being released this year.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will be available to watch for FREE on Christmas Day for HBO Max subscribers! Not only can you watch it for free on Christmas Day, you can watch it for 31 days!

Warner Bros.

If you’re not a subscriber to HBO Max, this may be the time to make that step! Because the studio has announced that it plans to release the entire 2021 film slate this way.

Some of us just are not in a position to add yet another streaming service, so I have some options for you to be able to make this happen.

You can get a FREE trial of HBO Max by using YouTube TV or Hulu! So the way you would do this is to bundle HBO Max with one of those services. They currently have a deal where you can try HBO Max for seven days for free as long as you bundle it with YouTube TV or Hulu.


Share with a friend! With HBO Max you are allowed up to 5 profiles. See if one of your friends would add you on as a profile and throw them some cash.

You may also be able to use your existing HBO subscription through your cable or satellite. Just go to HBOmax.com and choose to sign in through a TV or mobile provider.


Or you could just choose to get HBO Max since so many movies are going to be releasing this way. Maybe cancel something else? They do offer a discount on the streaming service when you purchase a 6 month subscription.

HBO is offering six months of their streaming service for $69.99 when paid in advance. This offer is only available until Jan. 15, 2021.

Have fun and enjoy ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ from the comfort of your own home!

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