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Win an IPad Mini at the #Thrively Twitter Party

I am way excited to be part of a fun event that will be happening on Twitter next Wednesday, February 19 at 8:30 pm under the #Thrively hashtag!
I’ve written about my time as a camp counselor before, and I want to say this: Camp is the place I learned who I am. Camp is the time where I learned who to be. If you’re on the fence about sending your kids to camp this summer– let me just say this. Jump off the fence and SEND THEM! It’s worth the money and the time away from your kid.
The only question is, this… what camp should you send your kids to? Well, guess what– Thrively can help you figure that out!


Thrively is a new site that assesses and suggests local activities for kids.  The twitter party is part of the celebration of their expansion into our area, Dallas-Fort Worth as well as Houston.

They can now be found in California, Boston, Philadelphia, DC and Seattle with Chicago, Portland, Denver/Fort Collins/Boulder to be added by the end of the month.

Oh!  And we are giving away an iPad Mini to a Twitter party participant!

Join the Summer Camp Planning Twitter Party

Step 1 – RSVP in this box:

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Step 2 – Join in the chat:


  Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

9:30 PM Eastern, 8:30 PM Central, 6:30 PM Pacific



@Thrively @QuirkyMommaSite

@jamieharrington @CrystalandComp @FamilyeGuide @loveandcents @lomargie


Join Thrively’s Twitter party hosted by Holly Homer of Kids Activities Blog.  Co-hosted by ME (and some of the most dynamic mom bloggers online!)


Hashtag – #Thrively

Email –, subject line:  Summer Camp


Win an iPad Mini

RSVP {above} and attend the party for a chance to win an iPad Mini.

(You must RSVP and attend the party to be eligible for a prize.)

PRIZE WINNER will be announced after the Party!


Share your perspective at Thrively summer camp!

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Kids Activities Blog and co-hosts receives a fee for participating in certain promotional programs for Thrively.

Summer Camp Planning

As a mom, I don’t even want to THINK about summer camps in February, but know from experience that if I don’t do it now…what my kids want to do this summer will likely be full!


This is one of the reasons why Thrively is so good for me.


My daughter took the assessment, and now it will be SO easy to pick a camp!

Summer Camps

I can’t wait to send my daughter to camp. I am glad Thrively is out there to help me choose the perfect camp for my kid!

Sign up for Thrively!

Totally The Bomb is excited to have Thrively as a sponsor.  All opinions expressed are my own.