You Can Get A Beach Tote with A Secret Insulated Compartment That Holds 2 Bottles of Wine

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Okay, if anyone has this, can we be friends?

I mean, I’ll buy my own and we can be like twinsies and share, but this is my type of person!!

I was browsing Amazon minding my own business when this popped up…

A Beach Tote with a secret insulated compartment that holds not one, but TWO bottles of wine!!

This Wine Bag is not only functional, it’s cute.

There are several different designs to choose from and each one has that secret chamber so you can take your wine on-the-go.

It does hold other things too like your items for the pool but let’s be honest, the secret wine compartment is what really sells us on this bag, right?

Oh and nobody has to know unless you want them to!

You can grab a Wine Bag on Amazon for $42.99 here.

P.S. I think this would make a great gift too!

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