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People Are Angry They Are Not Receiving Their Yankee Candle Orders And I Don’t Blame Them

Yankee candle is having a rough go of it this holiday season. A major glitch in their system allowed people to get hundreds of dollars worth of candles for $6 earlier this month.

With this mess up in the system, and a larger than expected influx of orders this season, Yankee is a bit overwhelmed and backed up on deliveries. They are also extremely overwhelmed on their customer service line, with wait times upwards of two hours to speak to a representative.

People are, understandably not happy, with Christmas getting closer and closer.

Many are concerned that they aren’t going to get their orders, and aren’t going to be able to cancel their orders, so they are just out the money at Christmas time.

I COMPLETELY understand the frustration on the part of these poor candle consumers! I am afraid that I would be livid.

Not having an outstanding order, I can understand the trouble that Yankee Candle is having. I didn’t say that makes it okay. I said I understand Yankee Candle being overwhelmed with orders and frustrated with a system that glitched at absolutely the worst time.

That being said. I hope Yankee Candle gets their act together in time for people to receive their Christmas gift orders.

Sources say Yankee Candle is promising people that ordered by 1pm on Dec. 14 WILL receive their orders by Christmas.

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