You Can Get This Inflatable Turkey Costume For Thanksgiving Dinner

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Move over inflatable dinosaur costume! This inflatable turkey costume is sure to be the hit of the season.

Via Target

This Orion Costumes Inflatable Christmas Roast Turkey Costume is one-size-fits-most, and is as hilarious as it is inflatable. I just can’t get enough of this costume — ha!

It comes with a velcro back, so it’s super easy to get on. You also get the fan and battery pack for blowing it up, and the Santa hat.

You can get this costume on Amazon right here.

The price on this fancy turkey inflatable costume is $80.99. You probably paid about that for all the parts of your kid’s halloween costume, but this is WAY more fun (funny!).

Get your inflatable turkey costume right here!

While you are dropping that turkey costume in you cart, you might want to check out these Thanksgiving Succulents from Target.

Make sure to also pick up your Turkey-Shaped Butter to make you the hit of the Thanksgiving table.

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