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10 Golden Rules For Starting A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship is both exciting and nerve racking. You’re eager to impress your new partner but exceptionally nervous about doing the wrong thing; after all you don’t want to ruin the relationship before it has a chance to get off the ground. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes we just have to fail in order to succeed. Nobody likes to have his/her heart broken. But it happens. It is important to figure out the difference between a lesson and a soul mate. Here are 10 amazing guidelines to help you start a new relationship on the right foot. 

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10 Golden Rules For Starting A New Relationship

1. How do I behave in public? 

Everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to public displays of affection. You need to establish at the very start of the relationship if your partner is comfortable holding hands, kissing or doing more in a public place. You should be honest about your preferences to ensure you are both comfortable when dating.

2. Take time to know each other 

Many couples meet up with other friends during the initial stages. This can make it feel easier but will not help you get to know each other. Choose a day when you will meet and it will be just the two of you. It will provide the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better.

3. Give him space and don’t smother him with your affection 

Equally, no one wants to start a relationship and have their new partner live in their pocket. Space is essential to allow both of you time to adjust to your new relationship without altering your basic personality.

4. Focus on the present 

In the early stages of a relationship your focus should be on the present. The future can wait and mentioning it at this stage is likely to send your new partner running for the hills. Enjoy what you have now and just be happy without questioning his decisions or criticizing him for every gesture that he makes.

5. Let his friends be your friends too 

If your relationship is going to go the distance you will be likely to see much more of your new partner’s friends. You do not need to become best friends with them but it is important to try and get along with them; they have a great deal of influence in the early stages of a relationship.

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6. Don’t forget about your old friends 

It is also important to remember your existing friends; these are the ones that have been with you for years and will be with you through thick and thin. If the relationship does not work they will be the ones you turn to for support. They may not be there for you if you simply ditch them at the start of a relationship. Equally, spending time with them can help to keep the interest and the passion alive as the relationship develops. The old saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is true!

7. Secrets are a no-no 

Most people have a few secrets and it is not necessary to disclose all of these to your new partner at the start of your relationship. However, you must consider which secrets are better to be told now. Something such as you are still friends with an ex should be said; it will save an awkward moment if you bump into your old partner while with your new!

8. Keep your jealousy levels under control 

There is no place for the green eyed monster in a relationship. It is natural for men and women to look when an attractive person walks by. But that doesn’t mean you should make a scene in the middle of the street. If the relationship is just getting started, this can actually be a turn off for your new partner. It’s ok to be a little jealous to show him that you care, but not too much because you’ll scare him away.

9. Value his privacy 

The facts of your relationship should not be seen as office gossip. Of course you can tell people that you are now part of a couple and that it is going well. You can even share some of your stories but do not share anything to do with your bedroom activities; it will not be appreciated by your new partner.

10. Be honest and let him get to know the real you

Be honest about what you expect and what you mean when you say something. If both of you are on the same page you will be less likely to fight over a silly misunderstanding. Honesty goes a long way when you’re in a new relationship. Make the most of every day and don’t be afraid to let him see the real you.