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Free Printable Tooth Fairy Receipts

It’s just about the time when my oldest son will start to lose his baby teeth. Of course, that’s got me thinking about how I can perfectly pull off the whole “tooth fairy” thing. Once I really started thinking about it, I wondered “How Does The Tooth Fairy Keep Track of Business Expenses?” I mean, she leaves money behind for all those baby teeth and she’s providing a service so it has to be a business expense. Which means… she still has to file taxes, so how does she keep track of it all?

Aw, I know! With Tooth Fairy Receipts!

tooth fairy receipts

She has to have receipts for all those “expenses!” So not only is she perfectly sneaky being able to fly into kid’s rooms each night without making a peep, but she also must have some sort of accounting degree and be a total math whiz. I mean, that’d be the only logical explanation…

Wow what a woman (or man, I’m just assuming it’s a she)! I would love to follow in her footsteps if only she had some (get it, because she flies?).

Now that I finally figured out the answer to the question that was making my brain hurt, I decided I’d make her (or his) life a little easier and you can too!

These free printable tooth fairy receipt cards are the best way to help your sweet little tooth fairy. Simply click, print, and then leave them out for your tooth fairy. She can then fill them out and take them with her to remember how much she paid for your little one’s tooth. Brilliant, right? You can print them here.

Tooth Fairy Receipt Featured

Heck, it might be such a nice gesture she’ll leave a little something something under your pillow too! 😉

How Does The Tooth Fairy Keep Track of Business Expenses Featured


Thursday 7th of July 2016

this is super cute! i have a 5 -yo and i know it's a while off, but i'll save this :)